12 charming Indian villages that will make you forget about the city!

Pragpur Tripazzi

12 charming Indian villages that will make you forget about the city !

12 charming Indian villages that will make you forget about the city !

The tale of cities is one of dazzling roadways, staggering people, drug addicts, and lusts. But there is a world where poets are motivated to write love poetry far from the congested cities and dreary offices. We’re talking about India’s villages, where the country’s true essence dwells. It may sound strange, but the village’s open air and vegetation provide a distinct kind of comfort.

So, to get a sense of India’s essence, learn about these stunning villages and escape the city’s jungles to regions where life is uncut.

Malana, Malana TripazziHimachal Pradesh 12 charming Indian villages that will make you forget about the city

Malana is widely regarded as India’s most fascinating village. This Himalayan town, nestled in the Kullu Valley, is regarded as one of the world’s first democracies. The beauty of this region is so pure, and the air is so pure, that just breathing would make you feel euphoric.

Panamik Hot Spring Panamik Hot Spring Tripazzi

Panamnik is a Ladakh town with the distinction of being India’s only hot water fountain village, located 150 kilometers from Leh. Panamik hamlet, which may be reached via the Khardung La Pass, is a long way distant. You can also travel to the stunning Nubra Valley from Leh. Tourists from all over the world come to dive in this village’s warm water fountain, which is nestled among the surrounding snowy mountains. It is a one-of-a-kind settlement in India, and it is followed by the Siachen Glacier.

Kibber Kibber tripazzi

Kibber, the world’s tallest village, is located in Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti Valley. In Kibber village, at an altitude of 14000 feet, people are awestruck by the grandeur of nature. Brown ground or mountains coated in white snow can be seen nearby. Through this settlement, you may access ‘Ki Math,’ the world’s largest and highest monastery. This monastery’s architecture is so distinct that you will remember it for the rest of your life.

PoovarPoovar tripazzi

The beach in Poovar in Kerala is ideal for a vacation. Poovar, on the southern outskirts of Trivandrum, is a beach village that offers a greater quality of life than the sea. Despite being a community, there are wonderful beaches along the coast for vacationing. While backpacking in Kerala, travelers must visit this village.

Chitkul Chitkul tripazzi Himachal Pradesh 12 charming Indian villages that will make you forget about the

Chitkul is a settlement in Himachal Pradesh’s Kinour Valley, where the Indian road comes to an end. This village, located near the India-China border, is the last in India where you can visit without obtaining a permit. The roofs of the homes in this village, like those in other communities in the Himalayas, are built of wood, which reminds us of antique architecture. Visit this village to have a closer look at nature’s splendor.

Zuluk Zuluk tripazzi

Sikkim’s Zuluk village, where there is no hotel You will feel exhausted walking around India because there are so many gorgeous villages. One of these communities is Zuluk, which is located on the Silk Route. Because there are no hotels in this area, visitors are forced to stay with locals. The route that leads to the settlement is equally thrilling. To get here, one must pass through 32 perilous modes.

PragpurPragpur Tripazzi

Pragpur is India’s earliest historical village, located in the Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Unique architectural designs surround the stone walkway. This tidy village, nestled in the Himalayas, is on the road to McLeodganj, Palampur, and many other tourist destinations. While hiking in Himachal Pradesh, be sure to stop by this village.

DongDong Tripazzi

Discover the true culture of Arunachal Pradesh’s Dong village. Dong hamlet, located near the borders of three countries, is located in the eastern part of India. This village will appeal to those who enjoy photography. This community is unique in that there are only three huts since the residents believe in living in a normal but active manner.

KalapKalapa Tripazzi

Remove all weariness in Uttarakhand’s Kalap village. There are other areas where there is tranquilly in a congested situation. Kalap hamlet, located amid the Garhwal hills, has little open space and no urban dust. You’ll miss the echoes of tranquilly in the valleys in your office the next day.

MawlinongMawlynnong Tripazzi

Visit Mawlinong, India’s cleanest village, located in Meghalaya’s eastern Khasi Hills. What’s the harm in travelling to the mountains if you get the chance to live in India’s cleanest village? Mawlinong, 90 kilometers from Shillong, is recognized for its abundant vegetation and community management. Meet the villagers, take a tour of the village, and see the bridge created from the roots of living trees.

LamyuruLamayuru Tripazzi

In Ladakh’s Lamayuru village, photography is a lot of fun. Only snowy mountains or brown barren plains may be seen from this settlement. Small dwellings have been built around the largest and oldest monastery in the area. Locals claim that the area here resembles the surface of the moon, which you can see by wandering around this settlement. Remember to bring your camera with you.

MuttamMuttom Tripazzi

Muttam in Tamil Nadu is a great place to go fishing. Coming to a sea of clear beaches, rocky peaks, and caverns will make you forget about the outer world. Even though it is such a gorgeous village, the beaches are rarely crowded. Watch the sun rise over the sea from the beach or lighthouse in the evening.   



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Himachal Pradesh 12 charming Indian villages that will make you forget about the city



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