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Amritsar Tourism – The sacred town of Amritsar allows devotees as well as tourists to feel the warm-hearted Amritsar Tourism Tripazzipresence of the Sikh guru throughout its vicinity. Separated from the neighboring country of Pakistan by approximately 25 km, Amritsar is one of the prime transportation, cultural, and merchandising hubs of Punjab. If there were one place that defines the rise of Sikhism as a robust community, it would be the sacred Golden Temple of Amritsar. The rich historical, cultural, and religious roots of Amritsar fascinate every section of tourists that pay a visit to this incredible town. Visitors can pick and choose whether they want to explore the majestic monuments or the sacred gurudwaras around town. Let us dig into this travel guide to understand how tourism prospers in Amritsar.

Best time to explore

Amritsar experiences pleasant and welcoming weather between October and February. With temperatures dropping down to about 5°C at times, tourists can load in their warm clothes and prepare for an entertaining holiday. Let us take a look at how the different seasons attract tourists to Amritsar.

Summer (March to May):

Amritsar experiences damp and hot weather during the summer season, with the climate, continually alternating between 27°C and 40°C. At times, the temperatures even climb to around 49°C. Tourists who visit during summer would be lucky enough to engage in the splendid celebrations of the festival of Baisakhi, which occurs in April.

Monsoon (June to September):

Amritsar’s monsoon season experiences substantial rainfall, with the climate usually hovering between 23°C and 35°C. Amritsar receives an average annual rainfall of around 780 mm. The heavy monsoon fall of rain transforms the city into a lush paradise and encourages tourists who love adventure.

Winter (October to February):

The winter season is the best time of the year to wander into some of the exciting tourist destinations, such as the Wagah Border, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum, Golden Temple, and Akal Takht. The weather remains chilling, and temperatures keep hovering between 4°C and 21°. Tourists can also indulge in the cultural celebrations of festivals such as Basant Panchami, Lohri, and Ram Tirth Fair.

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