Before planning Leh road trip

Before planning Leh road trip, know about taxi mafia here!

Before planning Leh road trip – Everyone wants to have a road trip to Leh- Ladakh therefore you have to know about some facts before your trip! Most of us don’t know about this thing but it happens in that region.there is a body called Ladakh Taxi Union which thinks the fleets hired from outside the Ladakh as a menace for their earnings and it decreases the opportunities of self employment because whole area is depended on tourism only.

We are sharing an incident these kind of incidents are happening on a larger scale. so we are saying to be little aware about this. My friend was gone to Ladakh on a road trip with her spouse & some more friends. He took a taxi on rent from Delhi and drove the car himself and choosen the path of Leg-Nubra-Pangong-Leh. At the last halt of the trip, he had a bad experience with some local thugs or hooligans. These hooligans started thumping and beating and then abusing them without any facts.this incident were happening in front of a famous hotel in leh. Whole incident went at its worst. These thugs were beating two of my friend and injured brutally and broke the front glass of the car.somehow a local lite succeed to save my friend’s life and told us about a hidden escaped way and that person gave a shelter in his house to my friend and gave a advise to leave this place by the morning before things gets worsened.

How can we handle this situation ?

If you take is as a panic for your dream trip then need not to worry! These kind of restrictions are not applied by the stat government.these rules are imposed by Ladakh Taxi Union only for the motor vehicles rented from outside of ladakh.if you hire any fleet from Ladakh to explore, then you don’t need to panic Or take your personal car or get your friend’s car with valid documents.if you’re carrying valid documents then just show them if you are stopped by them. It is happening because the local persons are getting insecure and worried about their earnings and employment but if such things carry on tourism of Ladakh greatly damaged.

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