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There is nothing quite like a cup of hot tea and Maggie while trekking the mountains.

Hot Tea and Maggie while Trekking the Mountains So it’s the perfect combination when you are having a cup of hot tea and maggie at hilltop with mesmerizing view to enjoy.

One cup of hot tea & a plate of maggie has a super power to unite the people specially in india. People of india are crazy for tea from Kashmir to Kanyakumari & Rajasthan to Assam. Whethe me you are in city or hill station, we all have a cup of tea. This is such a combination that no one can deny because it is liked everywhere.

Have you ever make any trip just for Tea and Maggie?
So we’ve brought the 7 tea spots of hilly area in india. These places are amazing but the combination of Tea and Maggie makes these place more special.

1. Chang La Pass Tea

Hot Tea and Maggie while Trekking the Mountains changla pass Tripazzi jaipur bikers

It is situated between the mountains of Chang La and located at the highest altitude in the world. So if you and your friends want to have a cup of tea at world’s highest place bring them to Chang La.

2. Tapri, KheergangaKheerganga Tripazzi

Enjoy this awesome combination in the beauty of kheerganga Hill.

3. Tea, Maggie & A Tent, TriundTriund Tripazzi

Tea, Maggie & A Tent acts as a milestone and it is situated midway. You can be stimulated here by having a sip of tea.

4. Swimming & Tea (Dudhsagar Waterfall)Dudhsagar Tripazzi

The place is really worth visiting for all. The place is so magical that you will be left with just YOU. The jeep ride for reaching waterfall is awesome too, it gives the view of rivers, hills and jungles which feels asking for more.
Just imagine you have just finished the swimming in this waterfall and having a cup of hot tea.

5. Tapri, Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake Tripazzi

This place is very calm and beautiful where we can be relaxed while having a tea & Maggie and the taste is also different.

6. Tiger Point, LonavalaHot Tea and Maggie while Trekking the Mountains Tiger Point Lonavala Tripazzi

360 view is breathtaking. Dusk and Dawn give a picturesque view. If you want to increase your fun then add on these things Maggi, Hookah, Music, Corn, Bhajiya and Chai.

7. Tea in the gardens of MunnarHot Tea and Maggie while Trekking the Mountains Munnar Tripazzi

Tea is cultivated in munnar so this place is known for best tea munnar you can enjoy the tea in the lap of tea gardens, stunning valleys and wonderful weather.

There are so many place where we can get the best tea & maggie but these are some of them. Everyone has their own experience.

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