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Highlights of the Manali Igloo Stay

Manali Igloo Stay : Enjoy a pleasant stay in well-equipped igloos with standard amenities such as charging stations, comfortable beds, and warm blankets.
Keep boredom at away with a diverse choice of activities such as skiing, snowman building, campfires, tube slides, slide rides, and campfires with music.

Join your buddies for a nice bonfire with music playing in the background.
The igloos are located atop a crest of snow-capped mountains surrounded by pine forests and the Sethan Valley’s towering mountains.

In Manali Igloo Stay Experience:

This campsite is positioned at a phenomenal altitude of roughly 10,000 feet above sea level, nestled cosily in the snow-capped mountains of the magical Sethan valley. The entire zone is defined by white sheets and mountain views all around. The igloo provides a wide range of activities.

Description of the Activity:

There are six igloos, each of which can accommodate up to two to four people at a time, with amenities such as shared washrooms, beds, warm blankets, and charging stations.
From the comfort of your campground, take in the breathtaking sunrise and views of the snow-capped mountains.

Skiing, snowman-making, tube slides, slide rides, campfires, and music are just a few of the outdoor activities available at the campsite.
Guests are welcome to park their vehicles in the designated parking area supplied by the campground.
This package requires a minimum of two individuals to be booked.

Note: The igloo site is 45 minutes by shared 4 wheel drive cab from the base camp to the mountain top; transports are available for an additional fee with the assistance of the camp operator at the base camp.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is Bhuntar Airport in Himachal Pradesh, which is 65 kilometres away from the campsite. To get to the campsite, you can take a taxi or a shared vehicle from the airport.

The closest bus stop to the campsite is Manali Bus Stand, which is about 25 kilometres away. To get to the campsite, take a taxi or a shared vehicle from the bus station.
The nearest train station is Chandigarh Railway Station, which is 312 kilometres away from the campsite. To get to the campsite, take a taxi or a shared vehicle from the railway station.

More Details about Manali Igloo Stay

All igloo and skiing activities are contingent on a sufficient amount of snowfall and favourable weather.
Without making any undue fuss, carefully follow the directions.
Maintain a tidy and clean environment.

If an activity(s) is postponed/cancelled for some time or even for a short period of time due to unforeseen circumstances beyond human control, it is recommended that clients be a bit flexible in their schedule so that they can completely enjoy their stay.
Handgloves and other warm clothing must be brought by the guests themselves.

Falling and slipping in the snow are natural occurrences; consequently, guests are advised to be prepared for such fatalities.
The bundle does not contain any personal expenses or things of a personal nature.
Before and after the workout, avoid consuming heavy foods or alcoholic beverages.

Any meals or transfers not specified in the itinerary are considered exclusions from the package.
The respective state government's guidelines must be followed. Distancing from others must be maintained. Hand sanitization and mask use are recommended on a regular basis.

At the time of booking and upon arrival, each individual visitor must provide identification. A legitimate address evidence will not be considered if you have a PAN card.
At the time of booking, as well as upon arrival, all international nationals must provide their passport and visa information.
Any item that is broken or damaged will be invoiced at cost.

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Igloos can accommodate a minimum of two and a maximum of five people at a time, with standard amenities such as comfy beds, western-style shared washrooms, warm blankets, and charging stations.

Skiing is one of the activities available.

Making a snowman

Sliding tube

Riding on a slide

Music and a campfire

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The Manali Igloo Stay is India's first Igloo Stay. The Igloo Stay is unusual in that it is positioned near the snow-capped Himalayas and offers a spectacular view of the mountains.

The temperature inside the Igloo will be below 10 degrees Celsius, but you won't be cold because there will be enough blankets and hot water to keep you warm.
The Igloo experience is not only one of a kind, but also one of the most beautiful, making you fall in love with the snow and mountains.

Manali Igloo Stay price is Rs. 4000 per night per person. You would be provided all the comfort and amenities like a blanket, warm and hot water, etc. This pack includes your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
If you want to participate in activities such as skiing, bonfires, barbeques, and tube slides. You will have to pay additional fees for sledge sliding, etc. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included in this package.

Your daring bundle also includes the following extras:

Warm feather sleeping bags, extra sweatshirt/fleece, thick foam mattress, Snow clothing, and a couple hot water bottles are included in the 1-night Manali Igloo stay.
You will also be given with other activities such as skiing, igloo building, tube slide, and slide (however you will have to pay extra for a guide for skiing and snowboarding).
Aside from that, you'll get to enjoy a bonfire in the evening and some soothing music.

You will be offered with all of the conveniences that would make you feel at home in Manali Igloo stay. Everything will be supplied for you, from stunning lights to warm blankets and bedsheets.

The Igloo Stay in Manali is not only new and modern, but it is also the most magnificent way to live among the mountains and experience the actual essence of nature.

Yes, transportation is included in the price of the package. You will be picked up from the Mall Road in Manali and dropped off at the campsite in a group.

The journey from Mall Road to Igloo Stay in Manali takes about 45 minutes, after which you must trek for 15 to 20 minutes.

Yes, meals are provided as part of the package. You will be served a hot and delicious meal and breakfast. Enjoy a hot breakfast and dinner amid the mountains while staying in an igloo in Manali.

Yes, you can bring your children to the Manali igloo. The Stay in Igloo in Manali has no age restrictions. You can spend quality time with your family during your stay. Even if the weather is cold at times, it is important to look after your children.

If you want to stay in an Igloo in Manali, plan your trip between January and mid-March because this is the peak snowfall season in Manali, and after that the snow melts and you won't be able to feel the Igloo.

Yes, staying in an Igloo in Manali is completely safe. Not only will you be provided with warm blankets and other items, but you will also be supplied with the finest possible stay experience while maintaining the highest level of safety.

You won't have to worry about animals attacking you or a snowstorm because all of these issues are taken into account before an Igloo is built.

The Sethan is home to the Igloo lodge in Manali. You may get there by hiring a car or cab from Manali Mall Road.