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Have seen the mountains of Himachal, now also know about the places surrounded by these 10 beautiful lakes!

Have seen the mountains of Himachal, now also know about the places surrounded by these 10 beautiful lakes!

Himachal is the place where your desires get satisfied and you already know about the famous places of Himachal Pradesh so today we will let you know about the places which are surrounded by the beautiful lakes.
These are the following 10 beautiful lakes. A traveller already knows about these lakes but today we are come for the tourists too, they also should know about these lakes; these lakes are so picturesque and real beauty that you will not tire to praise these and some lakes have spritual connection too and you can find their names in the Puranas.

1. Nako Lake, Kinnaurnow also know about the places surrounded by these 10 beautiful lakes Nako Lake Tripazzi

This lake is flowing like a river; it exists in Nako village. This lakes falls from the backside of the village. You can see lots of trees surrounding the lake and if you want your evening should be perfect then you should be here. If you effort to climb little, you will find a wonderful view of the village from the top.

2. Chandratal, Lahual & Spitinow also know about the places surrounded by these 10 beautiful lakes Chandratal Lake Tripazzi

This lake has attracted many travellers specially trekkers in last few years and this is become trekker’s most favourite place. If you love night sky and want to spend your nights under the starry night sky so this is the best one and it is situated in middle of high sea Island plateau.

3 Rewalsar Lake, Mandinow also know about the places surrounded by these 10 beautiful lakes Rewalser Lake Mandi Tripazzi

Rewalser Lake is also called Two Pema Lotus Lake. It is believed that Guru Padmasabhava’s sacred soul exists in this lake. Mahayana Buddhism’s begining had started from here by Guru Padmasambhava.

4. Dhankar Lake, Lahaul & SpitiDhankar Lake Tripazzi

First you will have to have a short trek of 20 mins from Gompas, Dhankar. Once your trek finishes you will get a beautiful glimpse of the lake. This is lake is one of the highest lakes of the state which is at an altitude of 13000 ft. & Surrounded by snowy hills.

5. Kareri Lake, Kangranow also know about the places surrounded by these 10 beautiful lakes Kareri Tripazzi

This is a enchant place where you feel the nature and explore yourself with meditation, yoga. This place is known for the trekking. Kareri lake is situated at kangra dist. in Himachal Pradesh, it has own beauty and gushing trails, Dhauladhar ranges and kareri lake has crystal clear water.

6. Parashar Lake, MandiParashar Lake Tripazzi

Prashar lake trek is one of the best thing you can plan on your weekend. Prashar lake trek can be done by beginner trekkers easily or you don’t have to be a trekker to go to the Prashar lake. It is 50 kms away from the Mandi district. You have to cross Baggi village to reach to Parashar Lake. The lake is surrounded by beautiful green mountains. It is said that the mysterious island inside the lake keeps shifting its position in few months. There is a temple near the lake where many people from nearby cities and villages came to worship.

7. Bhrigu Lake, KulluBhrigu lake Tripazzi

Bhrigu Lake Manali is a famous lake located at an altitude of 4285 meters above sea level in Himachal Pradesh. This lake is an ideal weekend trek and a good place for a picnic with family and also for a solo travel. The best time to visit Bhrigu Lake is between October and May, March and May are the best time for trekking. Trekking here is also a bit dangerous, during the trekking we have to do some steep stepping, then sometimes one has to walk on winding hills. Steep rocky mountains, soaring river crossings, dense jungle are hallmark features of this tough expedition.

8. Suriya Tal, Lahaul & SpitiSuriya Tal tripazzi

It is also known as suraj tal and surya tal gets water from the glacier of Baralacha-La Pass & it is a source of Bhaga river. This is trekker’s most preferable and travellers reach here via Keylong by bikes, cars etc

9. Manimahesh Lake, ChambaManimahesh Tripazzi

A holy lake in Himalayas near Manimahesh Kailash. It is around 98 km from Chamba circuit, height 4183 meter, is a pristine lake where pilgrims make an annual trek to in August September to bathe in its icy waters. It is one of the most beautiful natural places in India. Its very crowded during peak yatra season so try to stay in gauri kund and treak further in the morning for morning bath and prayer

This is tough trek but an inspiring journey similar to heaven as said , If you want to experience adventure thrill in your life just go there. The holy belief of place is about relation with Indian God Shiva. You can view the Kailash Parvat from the the lake.

10. Renuka Lake, Sirmaurrenuka lake Tripazzi

Renuka lake is situated in the area of Nahan in Himachal Pradesh and is considered to be the largest lake in Himachal Pradesh in respect of its area. The place is so coined by the name of the goddess Renuka. The lake houses many aquatic lives which beautify the place even more.

The lake retells many mythological episodes which got the significance of the lake even more with newer prospect and dimension. The lake is composed with salacity and calmness which attracts the tourists even more. The tourist can experience some of the breathtaking views when they reach the ridge of the lake while passing through the dense alpine forest.

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